David Holt, David Wilcox & David LaMotte @ The Cary Theater – July 9, 2016

The 3 Davids are back! David Holt, David Wilcox & David LaMotte July 9, 2016 at The Cary Arts Center.


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LIVE IN CONCERT – JULY 9, 2016 Cary Arts Center

Three of Asheville’s favorite award-winning songwriters and entertainers, David Holt, David Wilcox, and David LaMotte, joined for an auspicious evening of insightful songs, woven with warm-hearted, meaningful stories and an abundance of laughter. These three internationally-known musicians have harmonious roots in Western North Carolina, which will echo in their musical conversation. Each of these musicians is accustomed to entertaining large audiences by themselves, and the spontaneous musical and personal interaction between them promises to multiply the fun and make for an exceptional evening to remember.

This show is probably one of the biggest ones I have this year. It’s at The Cary ARTS Center this time, which is just around the corner and down the street from the Cary Theater. It seats 400, so it’s about twice the size. I did this same show last year and it was nearly sold out.

We call the show The 3 Davids because it includes David Holt, David Wilcox and David LaMotte on stage together in an in-the-round format, trading off songs and accompanying each other. It really is a terrific show. As you may know, David Holt is a 4 time Grammy winner and host of the PBS show “David Holt’s State of Things” and “Folkways”. David Wilcox really put Asheville on the map as a music city when he moved there in the 1980’s. He has won numerous awards and has been featured in many music magazines and radio shows. David LaMotte, has been writing and playing music since he was a teenager. After touring for music full time for most of his career, David became a Rotary Peace Scholar and now is an author of several books, a sought after speaker and presenter on world issues, and a philanthropist as the founder of a non-profit organization to bring aid to children in Guatemala. Oh, he also still tours internationally as a musician.

All three Davids are from Asheville and each of them perform to full houses as solo acts. Tickets are available on www.sixstringpresents.com or at the Art Center and Theater box office and websites.



The 3 Davids




David Holt

Four-time Grammy Award winner David Holt is a musician, storyteller, historian, television host and entertainer, dedicated to performing and preserving traditional American music and stories. Holt plays ten acoustic instruments and has released numerous recordings of traditional mountain music and southern folktales.

David Wilcox

Considered a ‘songwriter’s songwriter’, David Wilcox’s songs have been covered by artists such as k.d. lang and many others. He holds audiences rapt with nothing more than a single guitar, thoroughly written songs, a fearless ability to mine the depths of human emotions of joy, sorrow and everything in between, and all tempered by a quick and wry wit.

David LaMotte

David LaMotte is an award-winning songwriter, speaker and writer. The Boston Globe writes that his music “pushes the envelope with challenging lyrics and unusual tunings, but he also pays homage to folk tradition,” while BBC Radio Belfast lauds his “charm, stories, humour, insightful songs, sweet voice and dazzling guitar ability.”

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