Wyatt Easterling and Friends featuring Wes Collins 05/06/2016

Hello Live Music Fans:

Our next show is May 6, 2016 at the beautiful Cary Theater. It features an All Star Lineup of some outstanding musical talent from right here in the Triangle. We are hosting Wyatt Easterling and Friends, including Danny Gotham, Paul Westlake and Ed Butler, with Wes Collins Opening.

We’re fortunate to have such accomplished and talented artists in our own backyard so come on out and support them.

May 6, 2016 Six String Presents
Wyatt Easterling and Friends with Wes Collins

Wyatt Easterling www.wyatteasterling.com
Growing up in Chapel Hill, NC, Easterling released his debut album, Both Sides of the Shore, on Moonlight Records (Warner Bros.) in 1981. With his album tucked under his arm, he moved to Nashville and began striving to make his way in the music business in whatever way he could. While looking for another record deal, he wrote for various song publishers. In 1990, he became head of A&R for Atlantic Records Nashville.

That same year, he wrote and sang on “This Time I’m Takin’ My Time” for Neal McCoy’s album At This Moment. This collaboration launched more than 2 decades of gold and platinum winning releases with Easterling acting as songwriter, producer, executive and/or session player.
Easterling’s career has been full of chart-topping songs including cuts with Dierks Bentley, Joe Diffie, Billy Joe Royal, Paul Thorn, Neal McCoy, Sons of the Desert, Robbie Hecht, and others but these days, Easterling is embracing the life of a troubadour, focusing his energy on bringing his music and his stories directly to his audience.

Wyatt will be joined by triangle super stars Danny Gotham on strings, Ed Butler on percussion and Paul Westlake on bass.

Wes Collins www.reverbnation.com/wescollins
Wes picked up the guitar when he was seventeen, and worked at it for ten years or so, playing covers for a living. Around his thirtieth birthday he parked his Takamine under the bed and got a straight job as a buyer for a retail music chain, but dug out the guitars in 2000 determined to hack his own musical path. He hit his forties before writing his first song, mainly because he was scared to write bad ones. The battle’s far from over but now he’s got some great songs to share, inspired by favorites like The Beatles and Patty Griffin.

See you at the show!

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