Reggae with E’TU’-BMI’K 03/11/2016

Hello Live Music Fans:

On Friday The Cary Theater will be jammin’ to the Island sounds of International Musician, E’TU’-BMI’K. We’ll have the dance floor open for you and it promises to be a lot of fun.

See  you at a show!

Friday, March 11, 2016 E’TU’-BMI’K at The Cary Theater
Born and raised from a musical family…ÉTÚ-BMÍK adds different elements to her music with a touch of her Tanzanian and Trinidadian roots. She is a singer/songwriter/guitarist now living in America that successfully blends URBAN, REGGAE, AFRO BEAT, JAZZ FUSION, and POP RHYTHMS into a fresh potpourri of scintillating, hypnotizing sounds that breathe new life on the music scene.

ÉTÚ-BMÍK has a unique style of her own with her multinational music creations that’s also expressed in her movements. ÉTÚ-BMÍK is a vibrant performer who totally takes command on stage. Additionally, she writes, plays guitar and sings powerful songs that ring true to the joy and tribulations of all people, all races, in all nations. ÉTÚ-BMÍK is not only a strong singer/songwriter/guitarist, but also a true linguist. She sings in English, her native Swahili, and Norwegian.

ÉTÚ-BMÍK began touring Europe, Africa and the United States opening for such acts as Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Wailing Souls, Burning Spear and many other well known artists. She then headlined The Bob Marley Festival Tour which hosted 26 cities across the U.S., Hawaii, Canada and Holland.

Her band is made up of some excellent local musicians that bring excitement and spontaneity to any special event.
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